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Build Through Business Simulation

Business Simulations are engaging, immersive and risk free. All entrepreneurs can learn from business simulators and the Business Leverage Game is one of the best on the market, the game is not only about networking, learning and having fun, it is also a valuable tool for business education.

ActionCOACH describes the Business Leverage Game as, “…a breakthrough in "Edutainment."…It is simple and fun but it has the ability to massively increase a player's knowledge.” Therefore, this game, however simple it may seem, can close the gap of business education for entrepreneurs. Along with this, here are some benefits of Business Simulation Games…

1. Practicality

Business is Practical. Consider all the entrepreneurs who dropped out of college/university; from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, there are countless stories. Does this mean that entrepreneurs should not pursue and complete tertiary education? No, it means that there are successful entrepreneurs who didn’t theorise business but rather practically built very successful businesses.

Business is Practical. Business Simulators are practical and this one of the reasons why business simulators contribute so much towards business education; they help entrepreneurs to have an authentic experience of running a business. Entrepreneurs tackle issues through simulation that they would in their businesses daily.

2. Risk-Free

Imagine making business decisions without any consequences. Risk assessment is a factor that all entrepreneurs must contend with and as businesses grow new risks appear that challenge business owners to pivot, to make radical decisions and to adapt to changes in the market. Business Simulators offer no risk for businesses. They help business owners to strategize and form tactics in a risk-free environment and this is a very rare but valuable benefit of Business Simulation Games.

3. TeamWork

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”- Michael Jordan. Business is not about short-term gratification, if you want longevity, sustainability and to build a business that leaves an impact, you need to look at winning championships and not merely winning games. Strong teams build strong businesses and business simulation offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build communication and to build effective teams. Through business simulation games such as ActionCOACH’s Leverage Business Game, business owners have the opportunity to play the game with their employees and not only learn simultaneously but to build communication and teamwork.

Business Simulators are here to stay. Business is challenging enough, what we have in the Leverage Business Game is a helping hand that will benefit you both personally and professionally. Use it and see the results for yourself.

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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