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Business Systems

Business does not have to be a burden. Building Business Systems is an effective way to ensure that an entrepreneur experiences freedom from their business. The anxiety and stress of running a business can be greatly reduced once a business has created a way to ensure predictable outcomes, when the KPIs of employees are tracked, when business finances are managed well and the business consistently remains tax compliant and more... All this can be achieved through implementing effective business systems. As an entrepreneur your business should not run you and for as long as you avoid using systemization your life will be run by your business; leaving you with no time freedom, high stress levels and chaos in your business.

Systems allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine while making it more streamlined, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable. – Tet Antonio, productivity coach. One of the most effective systems I have implemented in business in the Default Diary. The diary is a time mastery tool that allows the company events to be diarised into a calendar that has certain activities that cannot be moved or rescheduled. For example, on Tuesdays from 09h30 – 11h30 our company calendar clearly states “ActionTUESDAY event”. All EBL team members know that during those 2 hours on a Tuesday they cannot schedule any meetings or do any other work. That time is ActionTUESDAY time in the company default diary and all team members will be hands on deck with the event. This system creates consistency and increases productivity. Employees often complain about not knowing what to do or how to manage their time. Through a system like this, the company assists employees with their time management and with knowing what is expected of them. This in turn leads to greater productivity.

Another great way of systematizing your business is by using an employee management system (EMS). There are several highly recommended and affordable ones on the market including, Deel, Eddy and many others whose job is to help employers keep a track of the tasks, submissions and progress of employees. Using such systems will relieve employers of having to ask employees for work. The system creates self-sufficient and self-accountable employees. More work gets done. That is the bottom-line and achieving this bottom line will see a radical growth in your company’s bottom line.

During the Marketing Webinar in May, you learnt all about digital marketing and creating a marketing plan. Marketing can be systematized. By creating a marketing schedule, your marketing team will be able to track the amount of money that is spent on marketing and the return on investment for your efforts. For example, if you run a Facebook advert over 5 days and spend R200 on it and it is seen by 5000 people and only 2 people sign up for your classes/event, this gives you an indication that either your advert is not working or that something else may be the issue. As a business owner, tracking your marketing gives you more power because it gives you knowledge about which marketing efforts yield desirable results and which don’t. Tracking your marketing, creating a marketing calendar and social media plan is a form of systemization that saves your business money.

Building Business Systems can impact all areas of your business, including finances and communication. Business Systems are the silent partner working alongside you to ensure that your business is a success. ActionCOACH has a plethora of systems that have been well-researched and applied in successful businesses across the globe, check out their resources and transform your business today.

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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