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Business is all about sales. Mastering the art of selling is a non-negotiable factor for any business owner who wants to survive in the market. In order to master sales, one first has to master people: to understand people and their fears, desires, hopes and their personalities. Once you have learned how your target audience thinks, you can close the sale. One tool you can use as an entrepreneur is the DISC personality test.

The test is a behavioural self-assessment tool that categorises personalities into 4 main groups, namely: Dominant , Influential, Steady and Cautious.


The D trait describes individuals who are Direct and are Results orientated. When selling to a D type personality, you need to be direct, factual, brief and emphasise the results your product or service will have. Avoid personal opinions and focus on the ROI (return on investment) for the client. These individuals care more about the bottom line than any other part of your presentation.


The I personality is influential and enthusiastic; they may be excited to hear about your product or service. They will be convinced to purchase from you because of how you sell to them. They aren’t necessarily focused on statistics and research but rather they want to know that “you are looking out for them”.


The S personality refers to individuals who are amiable and patient, they can endure detailed sales presentations and they are not likely to do a lot of research on what you are presenting. Selling to this personality type requires you to be an expert and sell to them as an authority on the product or service, they are not decisive so you will need to help them to come to that decision by building trust and a relationship with them.


The C personality will need you to be very accurate and systematic, these individuals pay attention to detail, they are analytical and will not necessarily buy based on emotion. When you approach these customers, you need to sell to the brain and be very accurate when describing the benefits of your product. Incorporating statistics and research also goes a long way in convincing the C type customers of the legitimacy of your sales pitch and claims. Avoid compliments or informal language, sell to them as if they are scientists and you are a fellow scientist: clear, concise and accurate.

You are selling to me people. Be it in a boardroom of a top corporation or at a spaza shop. Humans function the same with minor differences, they need to trust that your product or service will deliver on its promise. If you are selling a house, they need to believe that this house will become a home for them that is safe, convenient, affordable and/or beautiful. Selling is about relationships and unless you understand the various DISC personalities, you may end up irritating or not convincing a customer to make a purchase. If you cannot persuade, you cannot close a sale.

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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