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Entrepreneurs' Weekly Update– 29 November 2021


A Masterclass on Business Success

There is a 2000s tv ad by a popular liquor brand that plays out the story of: Vuyo, the “beeg beeg dreamer” who started his business with just one boerewors roll and built an empire, from private jets, to building his mother a house and several tv appearances, Vuyo is the very image of success. This tv ad was a foreshadowing of a Vuyo who would come out of the woodworks and set a trailblazing path in the business world that few would be able to keep up with: Vusi Thembekwayo, global speaker, venture capitalist, investor and all-round poster man for “making it” has more than just “influenced over R4.27 billion rand in capital”, his influence in the business world can be solely attributed to one word: credibility.

Vusi Thembekwayo has built a platform that has provided more than 519 000 entrepreneurs from more than 23 countries with free education that can accelerate their businesses into new stratospheres. He specializes in 3 key areas that affect entrepreneurs and their businesses, namely: strategy, sales and leadership. During his engaging and insightful talks, he provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to assess their businesses strategically, increase their sales and become the leaders their companies need. His talks are also a platform for entrepreneurs across the world, to come together, learn and earn together and build strategic networks.

He will be gracing the stage alongside ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse, Africa’s # 1 Business Coach at the EBL Institute’s graduation event with his humorous and engaging delivery whilst tackling questions from the entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools necessary to get investment into their businesses.

Nelson Mandela referred to Thembekwayo as,the epitome of the South Africa for which we fought. If so, then clearly the Thembekwayo name is indicative of strength and resilience, he is the ultimate African success story: a glaring reality of the fact that the world is yours for the taking if only you have the guts to grab it, Thembekwayo has taken the world by its balls and is steadfastly changing it.

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