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Entrepreneurs' Weekly Update – 27 September 2021

12 Ways to Reach your Goals

1. Work with an achievement partner

Walking alone may get you to your destination faster, but walking with people will get you further. Success in isolation is very rare. Having a partner who you can work with who's strong in your weak areas can provide a recipe for not only success but also for a success that can be enjoyed with someone.

2. Orient your life around the goal

Focus is the keyword. When you have a clear goal you can focus on, your life becomes narrower and you can orient your time and activities in such a way as to ensure that you achieve your goal thus getting rid of distractions along the way.

3. Tweak the goal so that it inspires

Personalise the goal. Tweak it to suit your circumstances and context. For example, losing weight. Yes losing weight is a popular goal. But for your body type and specific BMI, how can you personalise your goal to ensure that it is specific to you and personally inspires you.

4. Set your goal for a lifetime

This is your lifetime goal. My suggestion, which is similar to that of Jeff Bezos, is that you work backward. Imagine your life at 80 and plan your life according to that picture. In your life when you are older, what would you like to have achieved?

5. Craft a goal – including vision

A dream without a goal is just that a dream. Putting a test-and-measure metric to your vision means having clearly defined goals, with set time and evaluation metrics in place. Crafting goals into your vision helps you to measure progress which makes your vision less of a dream and more of a reality.

6. Set goals that express your values

What do you stand for? When people look at your goals can they tell that these goals belong to you? If you value family, orient your goals around spending time with your family, instilling values, and building up your children. Your goals then become an expression of your values, an expression of who you are.

7. Eliminate delay in your life

Distractions cause delay. They can derail you from achieving your goal. Think about studying for a test with the goal of achieving a distinction. Will spending hours browsing through social media help or hinder your goal. Eliminate distractions that steal time from your goal-oriented behaviour.

8. Outsource or delegate the goal

You cannot do all things, understanding your limitations enables you to look outside yourself and get the best person/people to achieve your goal.

9. Set intangible goals

I have spoken at length about SMARTER (Specific, Measurable, Action-Orientated, Realistic, Timed, Evaluated, and Reviewed) goals, the question then becomes, can tangible and intangible goals be achieved yes. Like with a pyramid, you start broadly and taper your dreams till the reach the pinnacle with is a SMARTER goal. This means that you can start with intangible goals and plan them out to ensure that they become SMARTER and achievable.

10. Give up television for 90 days

Whose success are you invested in, yours or strangers on the television? The more time you spend watching tv and supporting other people's careers, the less time you have to invest in achieving your own goals.

11. Go for a truly impossible goal

The sky is the limit. To quote the Bible, "Nothing is impossible for him who believes." You set your own metrics for what is possible and impossible in your life. Go for goals that are impossible and decide that they are possible, whoever unbelievable they are. You shape your world with your belief system.

12. Increase your capabilities

The current version of yourself may not be able to achieve certain goals, so what do you do? Do you decide to cower away or do you decide to grow into the version of yourself that is capable of almost anything?

"You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills"- Jim Rohn

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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