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Entrepreneurs' Weekly Update – 18 October 2021

Mind Your Money

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not

replace you as the driver." -- Ayn Rand

Are you someone who attracts money or repels money? Does money like you, is it comfortable and safe with you? And what is that one thing that separates those who see more and more coming in whilst others are just barely scraping by? One word: Mindset! What is your money mindset? And how can you change it to ensure that money is attracted to you?

You need to look at money as if it were a person. Imagine if money is your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you have bad beliefs about the person, if you don’t value the person and then because of this treat him/her disrespectfully, do you expect that person to want to stay and grow with you? Do you expect to have a healthy, happy relationship with said person? For that person to be something positive in your life, to take care of you? No. The relationship you have with money is exactly the same, you cannot be disrespectful and have a negative mindset about money and expect to grow it. If you treat money "by-the-way", you will get money by the way. You cannot grow anything with a "by-the-way" attitude.

Money Mindset is what separates those with abundance and those with lack. That’s it, there’s no secret, there’s no sudden lottery win that’s going to change your money situation. It starts with you, it starts in you. It’s in your being, your identity and you can’t fake that because the results speak for themselves. The evidence of your beliefs around money lies in your bank account. And those with a positive belief, with a respect for money, who value money see more and more coming in. Then you get those, “I don’t care about money”. Clearly, money doesn’t care about you either and that’s why you don’t have any.

Our biggest hurdle as business people when it comes to mindset is all about money, which is the bottom line of business. If you don’t have a good relationship with money, you cannot be in business, business is about money! What is your mindset about money? If you have a fixed mindset about money, my advice is to get out of business!!! Bottom-line is that you need to have a good relationship with money and that begins with your belief system about money.

A fixed mindset has no room to grow. Despite new evidence and information you still stick to the old ways of doing things. So if you believe that only a limited amount is right for you, that belief system will show up in your wallet. A growth mindset is a mindset that evolves, that changes, and transforms. It accepts new evidence because it is open-minded, a growth mindset is all about abundance, because it accepts that there is room to grow. When you are limited in your belief system, you will act accordingly. Your actions, decisions and behavior are a direct result of your belief system.

There is a science behind your wallet, Be x Do = Have. Your beliefs about money, the money identity in you, the skills you’ve developed in making money, the values you associate with money all affect the actions, behaviour and decisions you make about money.

Once you realise this, you will see the importance of shaping your mind in such a way as to have positive beliefs about money. You will develop your money-making skills and value money differently. The identity that money has in you will change. Your actions, behaviour and decisions will lead to you attracting more

money. This can only happen with a growth mindset.

When you value money, you will know money. You will know your numbers. Money is nothing more than a consequence but a consequence that is a direct result of your mindset. You set the level of your growth with your mindset and we can see it in your business. The best news is one can develop a growth mindset. Money isn’t meant for some and not for others. People may discriminate but money doesn’t. It goes where it is respected, where it is valued and understood, where it can grow. You can be that place for money. Your business can be that safe space for money but it all starts inside you as the entrepreneur. Everything rises and falls on leadership and when you lead a company your belief systems about money affect the balance sheet all the time.

We all remember when Khanyi Mbau said that “money likes me, it is attracted me”. Like it or hate it, money knows what you believe about it, it won’t go to you until it finds that positive identity in you.

"Money must find its identity in you." – Thabo Pitse

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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