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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Entrepreneurs' Weekly Update – 25 October 2021

Is your Mindset Holding you Back???

Life is a game of mindset. Your mindset will either make or break you. What exactly are we talking about when we say mindset? Your mindset is the set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. Whatever you believe, that is what you will follow. Your actions will always follow your belief system. There is a Champion mindset and there is a Loser mindset, the difference between success and failure lies in your mindset… It will either drive you or drain you.

At the end of the day, we want to have things but for us to have things we need to DO something. And what we do are the actions we take, the behavior we display and the decisions we make. These give us the results. These actions, behaviours, and decisions are influenced by our being. You can have a set of values or a set of skills that influence your being as a person but life isn’t about being. Life is about becoming. The process of being a work in progress is leading you to a place where you become somebody. Becoming—involves working on your skillset and values—and that will ultimately affect your actions, behaviour and decisions and because of that, you will end up having. You need to look at this and be mindful and mathematical, you need to be calculating about what you do because what you do determines whether you will achieve success or failure. It determines whether you will end up “having” that which you desire.

Many people have their eyes set on having a "quality of life". If you want to see quality, look no further than EBL. People who have been part of our EBL programme have received the highest level of education: University accredited education. They are being coached by the number 1 coaching firm in the world; ActionCOACH Business Coaching. What that means is we practice what we preach, Asijiki (no going back)! We do exactly what we say. The EBL entrepreneurs have the highest standard in mentorship from the #1 Coach in Africa. The knowledge and education is at the highest level which is tertiary level. The decisions and actions one can make after experiencing this can give one a quality life. What goes in must come out, coming in are the best ingredients to develop a winning mindset and if used and applied correctly, the result will be a great quality of life. One that is not just a desire people have set their eyes on but a tangible reality they live, day in and day out.

Here is another mindset formula to apply that will influence your success. We call it 'The Formula for Change'. It is (D x V) + F > R. This means that people will only change if they are sufficiently dissatisfied/unhappy with their situations, multiplied by a clear Vision of how their lives should be.

Think about the EBL entrepreneur who had a clear vision of what they wanted to have – a great business that is profitable and sustainable where they can build a legacy, but the dissatisfaction was the lack of knowledge about how to build the kind of company that provided that vision. They then took the first step to come to the EBL Institute to pursue the knowledge. With the D x V + F formula, all these elements were greater than the R, the resistance. So the EBL entrepreneur made the decision and made the change and now we’re sitting with people who have a high chance of realising their vision and getting rid of their dissatisfaction. With everything in life you need to realise that whatever is dissatisfying you, you will need to take the F—first step—which means you need to act, in spite of any resistance that may occur. This action is what moves you forward towards your Vision. Many people sink in life because they don’t take that first step and as a result, their mindset becomes resistant to change and they end up not moving forward in life but moving backward.

Your mindset will make or break you. It will drive or drain you. A lot of people have a mindset that drains them but the champions… they play this game and win the mindset game because they follow a mindset that drives them. It’s not about what they drive, it is about what drives them. Life is a game of mindset. As you are a business person, I want to introduce you to the winning mindset. With ActionCOACH as a resource, you have values, resources, and principles that make up a Champion mindset.

I’m doing well in my career as a businessman and coach because of the following mindset: The Point of Power. At the end of the day, you are either powerful or powerless. We can even see it when people fight for power politically. When you have power, you can do anything and power can lead you to greater heights. That’s why if you want to win, you need to be powerful and the only way to be powerful is to take ownership, accountability, responsibility. Ownership is now, Accountability is for your future and Responsibility is for your past. People lose because they blame the past, they make excuses for their life’s circumstances and they are then in denial about being great in the future. This is what separates the powerful and powerless. But it all goes back to mindset.

ActionCOACH Thabo Pitse

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